In Houston, TX, where the holiday spirit fills the air, transforming our homes into festive havens is a cherished tradition. At Floors & Beyond TX, we believe that the foundation of your holiday decor starts with your floors. As you prepare to welcome the holiday season, let us guide you through making your floors and home a focal point for celebration and warmth.

Assessing and Revitalizing Your Current Flooring

The first step in holiday home prep is to assess your current flooring. Are they ready to shine under the holiday lights and withstand the festive foot traffic? In areas like your living room, dining room, and hallways, ensure your floors are in prime condition. At Floors & Beyond TX, we specialize in rejuvenating floors to meet the demands of the holiday season with style and durability.

Choosing Flooring That Complements the Holiday Mood

Considering a flooring upgrade before the holidays? Our wide range of flooring options at Floors & Beyond TX can perfectly match your holiday style. For a traditional holiday ambiance, consider our elegant hardwood or wood-like tile options. For a more contemporary setting, our selection of modern tiles and laminates offers both sophistication and practicality, ideal for hosting holiday events.

Decorating to Match Your Flooring

Enhance the holiday mood with decorations that complement your flooring. Utilize area rugs and festive mats to add a pop of holiday cheer while protecting your floors. For tiled or hardwood floors, choose rugs that harmonize with the design and color scheme of your floors. These additions not only beautify your space but also protect your floors from the increased activity of the season.

Protecting Your Floors During Holiday Festivities

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be tough on your floors. Place protective mats at your home’s entry points and consider additional rugs in high-traffic areas to guard against wear and tear. Be prepared for the inevitable spills and mishaps, especially on carpets and wood floors, to maintain their pristine condition.

Incorporating Holiday Themes and Colors

Create a cohesive holiday look by matching your decor with your flooring. Opt for throw rugs, pillows, and curtains in festive colors and patterns that complement and accentuate the style of your floors, elevating the overall holiday atmosphere in your home.

Lighting to Enhance the Festive Ambiance

Proper lighting is essential to accentuate your floors and set the mood for your holiday gatherings. Experiment with a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to highlight the beauty of your floors and create a warm, inviting environment for your holiday events.

Eco-Friendly and Stylish Flooring Options

For those seeking environmentally responsible flooring choices, Floors & Beyond TX offers a variety of sustainable options. Our eco-friendly flooring selections not only reduce environmental impact but also bring a stylish and natural element to your holiday decor.

Preparing for New Flooring Installations

If new flooring is on your holiday prep list, let our team at Floors & Beyond TX in Houston, TX, assist you. We will help you choose the ideal flooring and ensure your installation is completed efficiently, making your home holiday-ready in no time.


Preparing your home and floors for the holidays is an exciting endeavor that adds to the festive joy. With the right flooring and thoughtful care, your home can be transformed into a delightful holiday sanctuary. At Floors & Beyond TX in Houston, TX, we are passionate about helping you find the perfect flooring solution to enhance your holiday home experience. Visit us for tailored advice, and let’s bring your holiday home dreams to fruition!

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